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We are on the verge of a lifespan revolution. In the next 30 years, life expectancy is going to rise to between 110 and 120.

The nascent but rapidly growing longevity industry has the capacity to change forever how we live, and how (and when) we die. Crucially, it will also influence how we successfully invest for the future.

At Master Investor’s Investing in the Age of Longevity events, some of the leading minds in this emerging sector mingled with the world’s most important institutional and private investors to discuss the birth of a new industry – arguably the greatest investment opportunity of all time.

2023 Presentations

Investing in the Age of Longevity 2023

Held online on 16 November 2023, Investing in the Age of Longevity 2023 offered an unparalleled opportunity for investors to help build their longevity investment portfolios. Exploring “Longevity Now” and “Longevity Next”, the masterclass once again attracted scientists and business leaders from the cutting edge of the field, giving participants a run-down of the latest sector developments and investment opportunities.

Phil Newman

Editor-in-Chief at Longevity.Technology

Phil Newman delivers the opening remarks at Investing in the Age of Longevity 2023. Introducing the format of the event, which includes a review of “Longevity Now” and “Longevity Next”, Phil also briefly reflects on the sector’s investment environment.

Greg Bailey

Co-founder and Executive Chairman at Juvenescence

Greg Bailey joins Phil Newman, Editor-in-Chief at Longevity.Technology, for a chat at Investing in the Age of Longevity 2023. Highlighting the importance of preventitive medicine in the healthcare sector, Greg gives his own estimate of how the longevity space is going to develop over the next five years. He also touches on the industry’s focus on regulation, and gives advice on how private investors can participate in the longevity space. Having explained the Juvenescence model in more detail, Greg also gives an outlook on the company’s product range in 2024.

Nika Pintar

Co-founder and Chief at Ani Biome

In her talk, Nika demonstrates the negative impact of gut-brain interaction disorders on the global population, and the significance of people’s microbiome on their mental health. She explains how Ani Biome helps address these issues, by creating an ecosystem that is based on both personalised diagnostics and therapeutics.

Petr Sramek

Co-founder, Chairman and Managing/General Partner at LongevityTech.Fund

In his talk, Petr explains the attractiveness of the longevity sector for investors, owed to the growth of significant scientific evidence, and how the LongevityTech.Fund taps into this opportunity through its own portfolio of 44 companies. Petr also introduces the Health and Logistics Clinic, an ecosystem company that helps companies move to the clinical environment.

Peter Ward

Co-founder & CEO at Humanity

In his talk, Peter demonstrates how the Humanity app leverages two key macro market trends: AI and health data. Designed to help people monitor and slow down their rate of aging, the app reportedly has beneficial effects on people’s behaviour change.

Discussion Panel Longevity Now

Dr Richard Marshall CBE, CEO at Juvenescence, Bill Kapp, Co-founder and CEO at Fountain Life, and Jörg Rieker, Founding Partner at Maximon, join Phil Newman, Editor-in-Chief at Longevity.Technology, for a panel discussion at Investing in the Age of Longevity 2023. In their chat, participants present the business models and product pipelines of their respective companies in the longevity sector, and give an update on their current fundraising efforts.

Phil Newman

Editor-in-Chief at Longevity.Technology

In his talk, Phil explores the current state of the longevity space and where it is heading next, and looks at the past and current financing environment across the sector. Defining longevity using four pillars – prevention, diagnostic, renewal, and treatment – Phil explains how the longevity approach differs from the current approach.

David Miles

CEO at AKL Therapeutics

In his talk, David demonstrates the negative impact of osteoarthritis on healthy aging, and how APPA, a drug under development by AKL, helps address these issues by targeting multiple pathways in osteoarthritis. He also showcases the positive impact that APPA has shown in targeting senescence.

Discussion Panel Longevity Next

Eleanor Davies, Dealflow Steward at VitaDAO, Alex Colville, Co-founder and General Partner at age1, and Patrick Burgermeister, Expert in Life science Investing at Kizoo Technology Ventures, join Phil Newman, Editor-in-Chief at Longevity.Technology, for a panel discussion at Investing in the Age of Longevity 2023. In their chat, participants outline the investment strategies and business models of their respective funds in the longevity sector, as well as their expectations for 2024.

2022 Presentations

2022 Highlights

Watch a 2-minute highlights video of the 2022 event.

Phil Newman

CEO at First Longevity

Phil Newman delivers the opening remarks at Investing in the Age of Longevity 2022. Reflecting on past developments in the longevity industry, Phil outlines the opportunities provided by the longevity science, technology and commerce going forward.

Aaron Weaver

Principle at Apeiron Investment Group

Aaron gives an overview of investment methodologies and frameworks that can be used for evaluating investment opportunities in the longevity space. Focussing his assessment on biopharmaceutical companies in particular, Aaron goes into detail on key factors such as peer-group analysis, discount-to-cashflow model, revenue expectations, and due diligence.

Sergey Jakimov

Managing Partner at LongeVC

Sergey gives an overview of the longevity landscape as seen through the lense of an early-stage investor. He explains some key aspects such as the different frontiers of longevity tech, as well as therapeutics and non-therapeutics as the two main pillars, and outlines LongeVC’s major points of attention for investing in research and early discovery.

Petr Sramek

Co-founder, Chairman and Managing/General Partner at

Petr introduces the four pillars of’s investment strategy – timing, diversification, de-risk, support – and also shares a sample of his fund’s investment portfolio.

Alex Blyth

Chief Executive Officer & Founder of LIfT BioSciences

Alex introduces the neutrophil based cell therapy that LIfT BioSciences is developing for the treatment of solid tumours. Demonstrating scientific evidence of the efficacy of Immuno-Modulatory Alpha Neutrophils (IMANs), Alex also explains how the N-LIfT cell therapy platform differentiates from other cell therapies, and how it can be leveraged across other therapy areas.

Tom Benson

CEO at Mitrix Bio

Tom outlines the effect of mitochondria on aging, and how mitochondrial transplantation can be used for age reversal. Showcasing how Mitrix Bio is pioneering the application of this technique, Tom also presents the company’s roadmap for clinical trials and commercialisation of its platform.

Fiona Miller

Managing Partner at quadraScope

Fiona takes stock of key developments within the growing longevity space. Highlighting key companies across different industry segments, Fiona also shares a range of early-stage rejuvenation companies that quadraScope is considering to invest in.

Patrick Burgermeister

KIZOO Technology Ventures

Patrick gives an overview of KIZOO Technology Ventures’ investment strategy, with a particular focus on misson-driven investments in early stage companies that open new categories of treatment. Patrick showcases six biotech startups that form part of the company’s key investments: Cellvie, Revel, Cyclarity, LIfT BioSciences, Elastrin, and Mogling Bio.

Kristen Fortney

Co-founder and CEO at BioAge

Kristen explains BioAge’s human-first, data-driven approach to help target the molecular causes of aging. Outlining three thematic areas of focus – immune aging, muscle aging, and brain aging – Kristen also demonstrates the company’s three-step R&D process using a case study.

Stephen Helliwell

Vice President Discovery Biology, Rejuveron Life Sciences AG

Stephen explains Rejuveron Life Sciences’ approach in developing novel therapies for age-related diseases, and expanding these therapies into treatments for an aging population. He also gives a detailed overview of five portfolio companies – endogena, RejuvenateBiomed, senescence therapeutics, telomere therapeutics, and vascular therapeutics – demonstrating their approach to tackling specific aging problems.

Chris Bradley

Co-founder and CEO at Matter Bioworks

Chris stresses the impact of information loss on aging, with a particular focus on the genomic loss of information. Outlining four critical junctures of this information loss process, Chris highlights the four subsidiary companies of Matter Bioworks that address these areas. As an exemplary case, he demonstrates the approach of subsidiary Loki Therapeutics to redirect immune memory in order to combat cancer.

David Gill & Martin Ducker

CFO & CSO at Juvenescence

David first highlights the importance of aging as a risk factor of chronic disease, and demonstrates how Juvenescence taps into the clinical and commercial opportunity that these age-related diseases provide. Martin then continues to give a detailed, up-to-date insight into the therapeutic division JuvTherapeutic, which as its pharmaceutical highlights includes LyGenesis, MDI Therapeutics, and Selah Therapeutics, as well as the consumer division JuvLife, whose products complement the therapeutics division and help generate early revenue.

Dany Saurymper

Portfolio Manager at Pacific Asset Management

Dani sets the scene by summarising the global demographic transition and its impact on people’s life span, health span and wealth span. He then explains how Pacific Asset Management seeks to capitalise on these trends by focussing on four investment themes – education and wellbeing, longevity consumer, healthcare, and later-living – and gives examples of portfolio companies in these areas.

Tom Weldon

Founder, Executive Chairman and Acting CEO at Ponce De Leon Health

Tom introduces Rejuvant, a supplement developed by Ponce De Leon Health to decrease biological age in humans. Referencing data from clinical studies to evidence the efficacy of Rejuvant, Tom goes on to outline the product’s marketing roadmap and next funding round.

Alex Blyth, Stephen Helliwell & Fiona Miller

Discussion panel

Led by Phil Newman, CEO at First Longevity, panel participants describe their companies’ respective business models and fundraising efforts, and reflect on the current state of longevity as a science. Panelists include Alex Blyth, Founder of The Mission Fund, Stephen Helliwell, VP Discovery Biology, Board Direc¬tor – Rejuveron Senescence Thera¬peutics at Rejuveron Life Sciences AG, and Fiona Miller, Managing Partner at quadraScope.

Peter Ward

Co-founder and CEO at Humanity

Peter introduces Humanity, a consumer app that allows its users to monitor and slow down their rate of aging. Analysing a sample of statistics, Peter also demonstrates the app’s impact on health actions taken by its users.

2021 Presentations

2021 Highlights

Watch a 2-minute highlights video of the 2021 event.

Richard Faragher

The Geroscience Promise: The Biology of Age-Related Disease and The Potential of Therapeutic Interventions

Janet Lord

The aged immune system – a central driver of ageing

(NB: for reasons of copyright, confidentiality and compliance, some aspects of this deck have been edited to differ from that delivered live at the event.)

James Kirkland


Michael Hufford

Prometheus Unbound: From Myth to the Clinical Rea- lity of Organ Regeneration

James Peyer

Cambrian Bio – Creating longevity drugs at scale

Greg Bailey

Juvenescence: Re-imagine a Lifetime

Phil Newman, Greg Bailey and James Peyer

Q&A Panel

Dr Geoff Mullan

We love longevity, but my heart’s in healthspan

Daniel Ives

A path to safe cellular rejuvenation

George Sutherland

Crossing the chasm: priming the market for longevity interventions

Larisa Andreeva

A Healthy Brain for Life

Richard Faragher

AFAR Think Tanks Report Findings

Nir Barzilai

Targeting Aging with Metformin (TAME): A Concrete Plan to Pave the Way for Targeting Aging

Jim Mellon, James Peyer, Mehmood Khan and Kristen Fortney

Rejuvenating and uniting the industry to target health span and life span

2020 Webinars

The Opportunity for Investors

The progress being made in extending life- and health-spans represents both a challenge and an opportunity. How can we ensure our investments see us comfortably through an extended life and how can we capitalise on the huge financial possibilities that successful treatments for aging would present? This panel brings together three of the leading investors in the field of Longevity to discuss the opportunities and potential pitfalls.

The Science of Ageing

We are on the cusp of a revolution in our understanding of the causes and consequences of aging. As aging research gathers pace, this panel discussion brings together some of the leading experts in the field of gerontology to discuss the cutting edge scientific work being done to advance the fight against aging.

2019 Highlights

Watch a 2-minute highlights video of the 2019 event.

2019 Presentations

Jim Mellon


Dr Aubrey de Grey

Rejuvenation Biotechnology: on track to be the biggest industry ever

Nir Barzilai

Unlocking the secrets of longevity

Declan Doogan

Health in the Age of Longevity


Gene Therapies to Reverse Immunosenescence and Atherosclerosis

Liz Parrish

Treating Ageing with Gene Therapy

William Baines

Five Alarm Bio

Petr Fedichev


Joe Hawkins


Yuri Deigin


Sergey Young

7 Signs of Longevity Revolution

Dani Saurymper

Younger for Longer


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