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Master Investor Events connect private investors directly with companies they can invest in.

Master Investor annually host their flagship event, ‘The Master Investor Show’, introducing private investors to a day filled with networking opportunities, presentations and professional guidance from the leading companies and best experts within the financial and investment sectors. Covering various industries, this event caters to a wide audience and is definitely not one to be missed.

To cater to bespoke and specific industries, Master Investor also host a series of ‘In Focus’ events, aiming to target a niche audience. These smaller events are hosted in the evenings and often take a more interactive approach. These panel discussions provide investors direct answers to their questions and the best advice for building an investment portfolio.

Master Investor Show 2025

The UK’s largest event for private investors

29 March 2025, London

What can you expect?
Take a look at the highlights from Master Investor Show 2024:

Private investors seeking opportunities

100 exhibitor spaces

Expert speakers across multiple stages

Join us, along with other investors, leading companies and top CEO’s from a variety of industries. Watch keynote talks, presentations and interactive panel discussions. Have the opportunity to network and meet the companies you want to invest in, face-to-face.

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Master Investor Sector Focus: Gold & Precious Metals

15 May 2024

Master Investor Sector Focus: Gold & Precious Metals

Master Investor Sector Focus: Oil & Gas

19 June 2024

Master Investor Sector Focus: Oil & Gas

Master Investor Sector Focus: AI Technology

19 September 2024

Master Investor Sector Focus: AI Technology

Past events & webinars

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27 March 2024

After a better-than-expected Q1, will the U.K. investment climate remain encouraging?

With economic indicators suggesting the U.K. isn’t in as dire a condition as predicted, inflation tamed and the possibility of an interest rate cut just who are the beneficiaries?

In this Master Investor webinar, Jonathan Davis talks to Sarah Lowther about how a reduction in the Bank of England’s base rate could provide a fillip to the stock markets as it offers relief to companies with stretched balance sheets and stimulates the property market.

They discuss the perils of elevating fund managers into rock stars and unpick both the open-ended funds and investment trusts that are doing well and the renewables vehicles on course for a rebound. Davis calls out JP Morgan’s Global Growth & Income Trust, Greencoat UK Wind and Bluefield Solar Income Fund as investments that have provided solid returns. 

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you buy them and own them, you’re going to get something like nine or ten percent compounded return over a period of years,” says Davis who reminds investors that at the same time “You’re doing something for the country. You’re doing something for climate change.”

Davis suggests the second quarter of 2024 may not see an extension of the optimism that has buoyed UK markets so far this year. He does though encourage adopting a long-term strategy to combat any short-term frothiness in stock exchanges. 

Master Investor Show 2024

9 March 2024

Master Investor Show 2024

The UK’s leading, must-attend event for private investors.

The EV Economy

18 January 2024

Master Investor Sector Focus: The EV Economy

In an economic environment where good news is in short supply, Electric Vehicles and the associated supply chains represent a ray of light with significant growth prospects.

The IEA describes Electric Vehicles as ‘one of the driving forces in the new Global Energy Economy’, with sales in 2023 expected to grow by 35%. This has significant implications for automotive manufacturing, battery production and the raw materials most closely associated with it.

This webinar brings investors together with the management teams of the most promising EV-related companies and industry experts.

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