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Master Investor Events connect private investors directly with companies they can invest in.

Master Investor annually host their flagship event, ‘The Master Investor Show’, introducing private investors to a day filled with networking opportunities, presentations and professional guidance from the leading companies and best experts within the financial and investment sectors. Covering various industries, this event caters to a wide audience and is definitely not one to be missed.

To cater to bespoke and specific industries, Master Investor also host a series of ‘In Focus’ events, aiming to target a niche audience. These smaller events are hosted in the evenings and often take a more interactive approach. These panel discussions provide investors direct answers to their questions and the best advice for building an investment portfolio.

Master Investor Show 2022

The UK’s largest event for private investors

Sat, 19 March 2022

Private investors seeking opportunities

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Join us, along with other investors, leading companies and top CEO’s from a variety of industries. Watch keynote talks, presentations and interactive panel discussions. Have the opportunity to network and meet the companies you want to invest in, face-to-face.

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FIRE Revolution

29 June 2022

An introduction to FIRE Revolution options investing: The power of Covered Calls and Cash-Secured Puts

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29 June 2022

Bloomsbury Publishing: Highest ever sales and profit for the publisher that’s a joy to manage

As it approaches its 36th birthday, Nigel Newton CBE the founder and chief executive of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (LON:BMY), says the publisher has “Never been a more fun company to run and to work at.”

One of the reasons for that he says is: “Success breeds success, and this 41% growth in sales that we’ve seen over the last two years and 70% increase in profits is a joy to manage.”

Newton says that the reading habit re-engaged with during lockdown has been “permanently reacquired” and that the company is trading in line with management expectations which he says are “high expectations.”

He talks not only about the joy of management but at the core of the business the joy of reading aiding those who are now pursuing hobbies that are well serviced by books.  

Bloomsbury, says Newton, is an unusual publisher describing it as half general, half academic which is platform agnostic selling authors’ works in hardback, paperback and e-book and as an audio book download. “We promote the story and leave the decision to how to consume it to the reader.”

And consume they do as the company is also a beneficiary of the self-publishing phenomenon with many of its authors starting out on that route including internationally renowned fantasy writer Sarah J Maas, who is much recommended by the TikTok subcommunity #BookTok with over 60 billion interactions as of June 2022.

TPXimpact Holdings

16 June 2022

TPXimpact Holdings PLC: An incredibly cash generative business blending autonomy with responsibility

Neal Gandhi founded TPXimpact Holdings (AIM: TPX) with a mission to reduce, and eventually eradicate the bureaucracy that paralyses government programmes at local and central level.

The company is a technology-enabled services company focused on digital transformation which in Gandhi’s words: “Empower our teams at the edge to get the job done without bureaucracy.”

TPX does that, he says, by pulling together multi-disciplinary teams, to create solutions that work and deliver against the goal for companies. He adds it’s about sharing findings, ensuring great value for taxpayers with the ultimate goal of benefiting society.

The client list is impressive and includes DEFRA, the Food Standards Agency and the NHS. TPX counts 50 of the largest 160 local authorities as its clients, and commercial customers include Legal & General and HSBC.

While society benefits, Gandhi wants to make sure shareholders do too. He says the business is incredibly cash generative, and on a run rate basis his and the team’s goal is to deliver £200 million revenue by March 2025.

ANGLE PLC – a small British company changing the world in cancer

7 June 2022

ANGLE PLC – a small British company changing the world in cancer

Andrew Newland founded ANGLE PLC (AIM:AGL) in 1994. Twenty-eight years on and his company has won FDA clearance for ANGLE’s liquid biopsy Parsortix initiative which in the U.S. alone has a $100 billion per annum addressable market.

“We’re solving an enormously challenging and important medical question,” says Newland who says the ultimate growth of Parsortix is unbounded.

CentralNIC Group

10 May 2022

Investing in the Future of Longevity – the Ketone Chapter

The field of longevity has long been considered to be theoretical and one for the future, but that future is here now. The science of ketosis promises lucrative opportunities in a wide range of therapeutic areas, and the global keto market is expected to rise to $15 billion by 2027.

Juvenescence has brought together the leading experts in the ketone metabolism research field for a panel discussion on the revolution happening with ketones and the direction the research is leading the key players in this space. We cover how ketones can modulate fundamental aspects of human physiology, including glucose metabolism, brain function and heart health.

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