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Business Design Centre, London, 29 March 2025







Second(s) logo is the brainchild of Mark Stephens, a self-taught programmer, serial Fintechnopreneur and Certified Financial Planner with more than 35 years’ experience.

Supported by an amazingly talented team led by co-founder and CEO Ola Owoso, pioneers a personalised investment journey, integrating cutting-edge AI available in 23 languages.

After engaging users in a conversation, it really gets to know them and then guides them to choose the risk profile they are comfortable with. This friendly AI, powered by Elevanlabs voices, then establishes a well-researched asset allocation, allowing users to populate individual segments according to their personal convictions, within a framework guided by Nobel prize winning research for optimal diversification. is not just an application, it’s an empowering companion in every investor’s journey towards financial growth, ensuring their portfolio reflects both smart strategy and personal choice.

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