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Deutsche Börse AG

Deutsche Börse Cash Market
We make cash markets work

Deutsche Börse Group has concentrated all its cash market activities in Deutsche Börse Cash Market. It organises one of the leading cash markets in Europe and offers companies, brokers and investors access to the German and international capital markets. Our product portfolio and services cover the admission of securities to trading – according to recognised rules and in customised markets. In the form of Xetra® and Börse Frankfurt (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) we operate two of the world’s most renowned trading platforms where prices are determined on the exchange and, thanks to the Central Counter Party (CCP), with minimum default risk for stock and bond transactions.

Capital seeking companies are offered financing alternatives. When raising equity capital through shares, companies can choose to be listed in one of the three clearly structured segments: Prime Standard, General Standard and Scale. For raising debt capital through issuing corporate bonds you can choose between Scale for corporate bonds or Prime Standard for corporate bonds. Deutsche Börse Cash Market is an important interface between issuers and the capital market. Its IPO & IR services accompany firms before, during and after their IPO. Besides, companies are also offered professional expertises by Deutsche Börse Capital Market Partner.

Deutsche Börse Cash Market champions regulated and transparent markets that enable efficient, safe and fair securities trading. We provide solutions for efficiently raising and allocating capital, in this way laying important foundations for the real economy. Through this commitment, we make a valuable contribution to ensuring the exchanges fulfil their macroeconomic role.

Deutsche Börse AG
Issuer Services
60485 Frankfurt/Main
Phone +49-(0) 69-2 11-1 88 88


FinecoBank is a leading European FinTech bank, offering a single account to deliver banking, credit, trading and investment options through a proprietary digital platform.

Developed using proprietary technologies it includes both transactional and advisory services, combined with one of the largest financial advice networks in Italy. FinecoBank is one of Europe’s largest brokerages and one of the most important private banking providers in Italy.

FinecoBank’s investment platform provides access to thousands of shares, ETFs, Bonds and Investment Funds. They are a member of the London Stock Exchange and offer direct access to listed stocks for a flat fee of £2.95 per order, including AIM, making them one of the most competitive ways to invest in UK stocks.

They also provide access to international stocks: US shares at $3.95 flat fee; European shares at €3.95, with real time pricing streamed directly from the exchanges along with free news and charting.

Share investors also benefit from a professional-grade stock screener which can identify the best investment opportunities that meet specific criteria – scanning thousands of shares from all 27 accessible exchanges in seconds.

The Fineco ETF Centre allows users to identify the best opportunities in ETFs worldwide and set up an automated accumulation plans on multiple ETFs, for one fixed monthly fee.

Finally, the FinecoBank platform includes mutual funds from leading investment managers M&G, Columbia Threadneedle and Fineco Asset Management.

Fineco Asset Management provide three categories of funds:

  • Advisory funds with automatic rebalancing to help control volatility
  • Megatrends which provides access to eight of the most significant trends around the planet through a single diversified portfolio
  • Corse series where their expert managers combine the best funds from top global asset managers to achieve a specific objective and risk profile, in a single, convenient solution.

The fully comprehensive funds section is a section where users can quickly review performance, volatility and risk indicators for every fund as well as access ratings and more detailed information to help your evaluation.

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J.P. Morgan Asset Management

J.P. Morgan Asset Management, with assets under management of USD 1.7 trillion (as of 31 March 2019), is a global leader in investment management. J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s clients include institutions, retail investors and high net worth individuals in every major market throughout the world. J.P. Morgan Asset Management offers global investment management in equities, fixed income, real estate, hedge funds, private equity and liquidity. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) is a leading global financial services firm with assets of USD 2.0 trillion (as of 31 March 2019) and operations worldwide.

Ticker: MRC, JCH, JARA


Netwealth combines a comprehensive investment service, advanced online planning tools and a qualified advisory team to help clients make the best investment decisions. Whether you want an ISA or JISA, personal pension or general investment account, our experienced advisory team can provide you with advice on how best to structure your investments. Our clients have access to fully managed portfolios for a fraction of the industry cost, without compromising on service. Netwealth was founded by former Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan executives and is backed by high-profile City investors.

Speak with a member of the Netwealth team at booths M32-M33.

Find out more at


Established in 2013, QuotedData is an award-winning sponsored research house publishing free, reliable educational material and research on a range of industry sectors and listed companies. Our team of expert analysts writes with a balanced view aimed specifically at the self-directed retail investor and takes pride in cutting through investment jargon and demystifying markets. Our goal is to provide all investors with the information they need to make informed investment decisions or to understand in more detail what their adviser is recommending. Currently, at, you can expect to find research on financial stocks, investment trusts, property companies, REITs, biotech and healthcare companies and mining shares.

Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLC


Scottish Mortgage is a low-cost equity fund which invests on a global basis. Stocks are carefully selected for their strong growth prospects. The trust aims to outperform world stock market indices over a five year rolling period.

The trust has a long term investment horizon and invests with real patience. The portfolio is driven by corporate attraction rather than index construction . The managers see themselves as owners of companies rather than renters of stocks and can hold private as well as public companies.

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Small Cap Network

Since it started in mid-2012, the Small Cap Network has successfully enabled leaders and participants in the micro-cap sector to regularly meet together, based on the premise that meeting people builds trust and creates new areas of thinking and opportunity and the regular networking events have gone from strength to strength.

The Small Cap Awards is a once-a-year opportunity to recognise outstanding achievement focused on smaller quoted companies and his held in London every June.

The Small Cap Club is creating a regular calendar of events in London and regionally. Events are normally limited to 40 members and meet midweek, early evening, in club environments. The Small Cap Club has been established to build face-to-face relationships, one of the key foundations to success and growth, for leaders and advisers of companies quoted on Aim or ISDX (formerly PLUS-SX). It is based on the premise that meeting people builds trust and creates new areas of thinking and opportunity. Events include speakers and thought leaders in the Small Cap sector who have succeeded in building or helped to build successful companies using public markets. Becoming a member is to become a part of one of the most dynamic areas of UK business – where today’s Small Cap participants are tomorrow’s growth. By registering you can meet other peers to network and discuss matters of common interest.


WiseAlpha is the UK’s leading digital bond market. Its online investment platform makes corporate bonds available to everyday investors at affordable sizes, via its Fractional Bonds, for the first time ever. Founded in 2014, WiseAlpha is a leader in financial innovation praised by its members and rated 5* on Trustpilot. The company has won Best Investments Provider in 2018 and 2019 at the British Banking Awards and Most Innovative Provider in 2019 at the Good Money Guide Awards.

Media Partners

Core London

Core London is a multimedia production company and advertising network, specialising in business and politics. We pride ourselves in providing a complete solution for clients looking for quality audio-visual content for any distribution platform. We also have strong experience in creating content for online platforms, including social media optimisation. Located in the heart of London, we provide a local and cost-effective multimedia solution for political and financial institutions.


Edison is an investment research, investor relations and consulting firm, with offices in North America, Europe, the Middle East and AsiaPac. The heart of Edison is our world renowned equity research platform and deep multi-sector expertise. At Edison Investment Research, our research is widely read by international investors, advisors and stakeholders. Edison Advisors leverages our core research platform to provide differentiated services including investor relations and strategic consulting.


Profile coming soon.

Harriman House

Harriman House is a UK-based, but globally focussed independent publisher operating in the business and finance sector.

We publish books across a broad spectrum of topics ranging from personal finance and creative marketing titles through to professional-level technical guides.

We have an extensive catalogue of titles and produce high-quality products by working with leading authors, journalists, experts and institutions.

We have over 300 titles currently available in print and eBook form and a fast growing list of audiobooks. Our highly regarded portfolio brings our readers top-quality content by leading practitioners including bestsellers such as The Naked Trader by Robbie Burns, The Behavioral Investor by Daniel Crosby, The Choice Factory by Richard Shotton, The Zurich Axioms by Max Gunther & Quality Investing by Lawrence A. Cunningham, Torkell T. Eide & Patrick Hargreaves.

We are a dedicated team of creative publishing professionals who look to work closely with authors to help transform their ideas into any print or digital product.

Founded in 1992 by Philip Jenks and Stephen Eckett, and publishing actively since 2001, Harriman House previously operated as an online and mail order bookshop. Alongside the publishing and bookselling operations we have also developed a number of websites and provided online educational material and other content services to corporate clients.

Our print titles are available through all the major online and offline retailers internationally and our eBooks are available through all the leading eBook platforms. We also have a very active foreign rights operation meaning that our titles and authors reach a substantial global audience.

RAO Global

For responsible investors today, leading investment in tomorrow.

A symposium for 21st century asset managers who are part of a growing network of influencers changing the face of finance.

This event will give you focused insight from leading players via topical debates and panels. Learn what is needed to be a 21st century investor from the most responsible asset owners of today.


UK Individual Shareholders Society

ShareSoc is a not-for-profit membership organisation, created by and for individual investors. Our aims are to help improve your investment experience and to represent your interests wherever this is needed.

To do this, we offer a range of educational and informational services, and represent your interests to government. We also offer assistance to shareholders when companies they invest in misbehave and do not act in shareholders’ best interests. It is only by joining together that we can campaign effectively on such matters. We want to ensure that shareholders have their proper say as owners of the businesses in which they invest.

Our services include: in-depth company reports, meetings with quoted companies, educational resources and networking opportunities with other investors. We also provide forums for the interchange of views between individual investors.

We already have thousands of members – so come and join us – it’s time you stopped missing out.

Share Talk

Share Talk is a free communications portal that Disseminates Factual, Impartial Information across our multiple social media platforms and channels.

  • Presenting Investor Events nationwide that give you direct access to listed companies representatives enabling you to network and meet likeminded people.
  • Deliver live Crypto prices & live RNS company news updates.
  • Share Talk Android, iOS App’s – live RNS feed, News delivered directly to your mobile devices.
  • Live company webinar presentations, Q&A, investor participation.
  • London studio company interviews include shareholder questions and input.
  • Access to an exclusive catalogue of past and present LSE company interviews, Videos, Q&A, Blogs.
Audioboom: sharetalkltd


We’re a fintech company made up of data-scientists, investment professionals, software developers and marketers with one mission: to be an early investor in every British startup success story. Founded in 2013, SyndicateRoom has helped raised over £250m for its portfolio of 200+ startups.

UK Business Angels Association

The UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) is the national trade association for angel and early-stage investment, representing over 160 member organisations and around 18,000 investors. Business angels in the UK collectively invest an estimated £1.5 billion per annum and are therefore the UK’s largest source of investment for startups and early-stage businesses seeking to grow.

UKBAA’s members include angel networks, syndicates, individual investors, early-stage VCs, equity crowdfunding platforms, accelerators, professional advisers and intermediaries. UKBAA acts as the voice of the angel investment community and strives to build and connect the angel investment ecosystem so as to ensure a coherent landscape for financing high-potential entrepreneurs.

UK Investor Magazine

UK Investor Magazine provides insight for discerning UK investors and covers the most important issues impacting the modern day investor’s portfolio. The UK Investor Magazine is available online, in print and delivers informative Podcasts.

We report on the latest market and company specific news and wider investment themes to help investors of all levels manage their portfolio.


AngelNews is a leading news service for investors & entrepreneurs, covering stories from across the venture capital, angel and early stage investment market.

Business Funding Show

Business Funding Show started off as UK & EU’s only funding exhibition and now it is a series of events bringing together a growing network of 70K Funders, Entrepreneurs and Service Providers.

Conkers Corner

Profile coming soon.

Going Global

Profile coming soon.

Internet Bull Report

Internet Bull Report is a financial commentary newsletter dedicated to uncovering investment opportunities in the equity markets with potentially remarkable upside or downside.

Investor Conferences (UK) Ltd

Founded in 2010 by Lisa Campbell, Investor Conferences stages three events each year – the London Investor Show, the London Trader Show and the new Sustainable & Social Investing Conference. Attracting upwards of 2000+ delegates over one day, these events fulfil an important role for investors and traders. ICUK is dedicated to supporting private investors and traders, by providing access to independent training and education. Delegates can meet the companies providing relevant products and services, as well as those offering potential investment opportunities.

For further information, please contact Lisa Campbell (


Profile coming soon.

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