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The FintechWise Agenda

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The inaugural FintechWise agenda has been announced. The agenda facilitates a range of important conversations within the Fintech arena including open banking, democratisation, and the pension sector. Speakers to be announced shortly!

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FintechWise Agenda, 28 March 2020, London:


10:45-11:15 The democratisation of financial services
How are fintech companies opening up access to financial services for everyone?
11:25-11:45 The open data revolution
How is open data going to revolutionise the way we spend, save and invest?
13:15-13:35 What is the next undiscovered opportunity in Fintech?
The coming transformation of the bond market.
13:40-14:00 What do you need to know to invest in startups through equity crowdfunding?
What is equity crowdfunding and what do you need to know to invest in this asset class?
15:00-15:20 Challenger banks | Redefining banking
How digital challenger banks provide more value to consumers than traditional high street banks.
15:20-15:40 Invest like a venture capitalist
Learn from top investment professionals about what they look for when investing in a startup.
15:45-16:05 The digitalisation of the pension sector
How pension providers have opened their doors to fintech and a generation who are financially aware and want to take control.