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FinecoBank is a leading European FinTech bank, offering a single account to deliver banking, credit, trading and investment options through a proprietary digital platform.

Developed using proprietary technologies it includes both transactional and advisory services, combined with one of the largest financial advice networks in Italy. FinecoBank is one of Europe’s largest brokerages and one of the most important private banking providers in Italy.

FinecoBank’s investment platform provides access to thousands of shares, ETFs, Bonds and Investment Funds. They are a member of the London Stock Exchange and offer direct access to listed stocks for a flat fee of £2.95 per order, including AIM, making them one of the most competitive ways to invest in UK stocks.

They also provide access to international stocks: US shares at $3.95 flat fee; European shares at €3.95, with real time pricing streamed directly from the exchanges along with free news and charting.

Share investors also benefit from a professional-grade stock screener which can identify the best investment opportunities that meet specific criteria – scanning thousands of shares from all 27 accessible exchanges in seconds.

The Fineco ETF Centre allows users to identify the best opportunities in ETFs worldwide and set up an automated accumulation plans on multiple ETFs, for one fixed monthly fee.

Finally, the FinecoBank platform includes mutual funds from leading investment managers M&G, Columbia Threadneedle and Fineco Asset Management.

Fineco Asset Management provide three categories of funds:

  • Advisory funds with automatic rebalancing to help control volatility
  • Megatrends which provides access to eight of the most significant trends around the planet through a single diversified portfolio
  • Corse series where their expert managers combine the best funds from top global asset managers to achieve a specific objective and risk profile, in a single, convenient solution.

The fully comprehensive funds section is a section where users can quickly review performance, volatility and risk indicators for every fund as well as access ratings and more detailed information to help your evaluation.

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