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DBC Medical

The Diabetic Boot Company, trading as DBC Medical, has developed a system of product solutions for the nearly 422 million Patients worldwide who are at risk for developing foot-related complications as a result of Diabetes and Vascular disease. 

 For example, Diabetic Foot Ulcers occur in approximately 15 percent of diabetic patients; 6 percent will be hospitalized due to infection or other ulcer-related complication.  The UK expenditure related to Diabetic Foot Ulcer treatment alone amounts to £400m annually.  In 2017, the World Health Organization noted the rise of diabetes in the gulf region:

…”It is estimated that the number of people with diabetes in the region will double to 72.1 million by 2040…”

DBC Medical’s PulseFlow® brand merges the medicine advancements in material science and mechanical engineering to meet the varied needs of this at-risk population. From flexible, long-lasting insoles crafted from a unique energy-absorbing polymer blend, to a wearable, dual-action medical device that assists in the healing of potentially life-threatening Foot Ulcers, the PulseFlow® suite of products provides protection for every step of the patient’s journey. 

The centrepiece of the company’s product portfolio is the FDA-cleared and CE-marked PulseFlowDF™, a breakthrough Class II, wearable medical device that offers aa dual-action therapy that overcomes the single biggest flaw common in ALL other current foot ulcer treatments – a reduction in blood flow at the wound site. 

PulseFlowDF™ Therapeutic Overview:

  • Integrates dual-action technology to accelerate wound healing via Intermittent Pneumatic Compression and class-equalling offloading. These active therapies work in concert to provide an optimal healing environment by increasing oxygenated blood flow directly to the wound site and the entire lower limb, and  redistributing pressure away from the foot ulcer
  • Delivers a bilateral approach to Foot Ulcer treatment to promote mobility, ensure stability, and protect both feet to support long-lasting remission
  • Tracks and records patient use to encourage compliance to the prescribed regimen

The available market for The Diabetic Boot Company’s product portfolio is attractive, stable and growing exponentially due to the expanding prevalence of Diabetes and Vascular disease globally. Every patient in this sector is at risk of developing a foot-related complication and the Company has a therapeutic solution to mitigate every stage on the risk continuum. We look forward to speaking with you about the PulseFlow® product suite and where our company is headed at Stand 62.

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