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AKL Research & Development Ltd

AKL Research & Development Limited (“AKLRD”) is a privately held, UK pharmaceutical company, with an innovative approach to drug development. AKLRD identifies secondary metabolites of plant origin with proven efficacy & safety, and which are capable of being synthesized. These synthetic metabolites then undergo standard pharmaceutical clinical development. Led by AKLRD’s expert management team providing a high level of technical, scientific and strategic skill, our innovative approach greatly increases the chances of success, while reducing the probability of unexpected side effects.

AKLRD has identified two molecules which act synergistically and have been combined to create AKL4 [APPA], a patented investigational oral medicine showing great promise in the treatment of inflammatory conditions including osteoarthritis, a highly prevalent and devastating disease with limited treatment options and no cure. Having just completed a Phase I study, a Phase II study is due to start Q2 2020.

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